Artist Surfaces produce handmade Museum standard Wooden Floating Painting Panels for artists.

Painting Panels have a poplar plywood surface with which is sustainably sourced and PEFC and FSC certified and an aluminium subframe that will not react to changes in humidity or temperature creating a warp free panel with lasting longevity.


Poplar Plywood is approximately 40% lighter than birch plywood and provides the same smooth surface to work upon.


Poplar Plywood has an attractive uniform tight grain and its white ivory colour makes it ideal for painting.

A recessed Aluminium subframe is attached to a poplar plywood sheet and when viewed from the side creates the illusion of a floating Panel.

*If you require larger sizes or cross bars, these can be made upon special request.

Poplar Plywood Painting Panels are suitable for acrylic and oil painting.

26mm Wooden Floating Panel: Length 120cm

  • *Welding will be automatically included in the production of all painting panels over 100x100cm. *Cross Bars will automatically be included into the production of each panel over 100cm x 100cm, and included into the complete price. If the Size of Panel you require is not available, please contact us either via email or phone for a quote.

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