Artist Surfaces Sandwich Painting Panels are warp resistant. We use the highest furniture grade birch plywood for the front surface and backing strips, with an aluminium sub-frame core that will not react to changes in humidity or temperature.

The use of an aluminium core sub-frame reduces weight often created by wooden sub-frames, whilst also relinquishing the need for any cross bars.

The sandwich painting panel is designed for stretching canvas or linen and has a security lip built in as standard. Rolled edges allow the material to easily stretch over the panel.

*If you require larger sizes, these can be made upon special request.

The sandwich painting panels are particularly suited to artists that wish to paint upon a surface without the bounce inherent in strainers or stretchers. Whilst it is also of note that the material once stretched will never sag over time creating a more stable painting structure with lasting longevity.

32mm Sandwich Plywood Panel - 90cm