Artist Surfaces produce handmade museum standard Linen Circle Painting Panels for artists. Each painting panel is made using only the highest grade furniture birch plywood.

Our Wooden Circle Painting Panels have a birch plywood surface with a Birch Plywood subframe, creating a strong and durable panel with seamless joints and lasting longevity.


We use only the finest Belgium fine linen to stretch. We offer the option to have the linen glued permanently to the panel. This is particularly beneficial as it stop the material tension changing over time and thus creates the most stable and reliable surface.


We have a hydraulic cold press that offers consistent pressure during the gluing process. We leave panels in the press for 24 hours to cure to ensure they have optimum adhesion.


Our Workshop facilities have a range of industrial saws that provide precision and accuracy. 


We offer a service to Gesso prime our Circle Linen Panels which are glued as standard.

Circle Linen Panel

  • *If you require specific sizes or cross bars, these can be made upon special request. Please contact us either via email or phone for a quote.