A recessed Birch Plywood subframe is attached to Aluminium. The Panel when viewed from the side creates the illusion of a floating Panel. 

Artists Surfaces use aluminium alloy 6082 sheets which are a medium strength alloy offering excellent corrosion resistance. It is a stable material that will not react to changes in humidity or temperature, creating a rigid structure with lasting longevity .

Aluminium does not require any initial sizing or priming before painting. Every panel is sanded smooth ready for painting.

Aluminium painting panels are suitable for acrylic and oil painting.

Our Miniature Floating Aluminium Painting panels are made with quality and precision. All Aluminium painting panel surfaces are prepared as standard.

An affordable option for painters looking to try aluminium for the first time without expensive risks.

Holes are drilled into the back of the Birch Plywood that is attached to the Aluminium panel which can be hung either landscape or portrait. Slotting easily over a single screw makes hanging simple, or slotting over two screws if painting upon the panels in a studio.

Miniature Floating Aluminium Painting Panel 17cm