Artist Surfaces produce Miniature MDF Z1 Painting panels using low emissions MDF which also have the same characteristics as regular MDF, but with reduced Formaldehyde which can cause chemical reactions and yellowing to occur in the painting over a period of time. 

Holes are drilled into the back of the Birch Plywood and attached to the MDF panel with glue. The panel can be hung either landscape or portrait. Slotting easily over a single screw to make hanging simple, or slotting over two screws if painting upon the panel in a studio.

The Birch Plywood subframe is recessed and when viewed from the side creates the illusion of a floating Panel. 

Our Miniature MDF Z1 Painting Panels are made with quality and precision and are an affordable option for painters. 

MDF provides a rigid and smooth surface and is suitable for painting, drawing and collage.

Miniature MDF Z1 Painting Panel 18cm