Sennelier Acrylic Gesso is a mixture of acrylic resins and various pigments that create an indelible film and enables paint to adhere to canvases and other surfaces.


Similar to white gesso, Sennelier Acrylic Coloured Gesso provides exceptional tooth and a matte surface for maximum paint adhesion. An excellent surface for acrylic and oil-based paints, Sennelier Coloured Gesso allows paintings to be started on an opaque, coloured surface.


Sennelier Acrylic Gesso is perfect for painting with both acrylics and oils, on surfaces such as canvas, wood, paper, and board. Use it full strength, or dilute it with water up to 20% to achieve the desired consistency. As a preparation for acrylic paints, one layer of gesso is sufficient. For oil-based paints, two layers are recommended.

Sennelier Coloured Gesso