Sennelier Green for Oil Varnish is a final varnish used to protect your finished painting. It is clear and dries quickly.


Use Sennelier Green for Oil Varnish gloss varnish to further enhance the brightest and most vibrant colours in your painting. Use Sennelier Green for Oil Varnish matt varnish to avoid reflections. Mix the 2 together for a satin finish.


Green For Oil is part of the 'bio-solvent' family, a safer, greener alternative to traditional solvents, but offering the same properties as traditional additives.


Biosolvents are sourced from renewable raw materials, with a focus on biomass-based sources. They are products of natural origin, derived from plant, animal or mineral-based raw materials. They respect sanitary and environmental standards, as they have been created with sustainable development in mind.

Sennelier Green for Oil - Gloss Varnish


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