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Artist Surfaces

Here at Artist Surfaces we are aware of the difficulties that emerging artists face when beginning or sustaining their career.


Today’s museum quality surfaces are expensive. The alternative options of cheaper surfaces can often affect the quality, value and longevity of an artist's work.


As such Artist Surfaces was set up with the principle that we wanted to offer museum grade surfaces at affordable prices. Our hope is that this can in turn permit artists the opportunity to develop their practice in a practical and sustainable way.


Artist Surfaces provides surfaces that reflect the same commitment to excellence and craftsmanship that the artist exemplifies through their work, albeit at an affordable price.


Artist Surfaces will fabricate and deliver your order within 10 - 15 working days of payment.




Museum Quality

Every Panel is quality checked by our technicians to make sure it is of museum standard before we dispatch it to our customers.


We have a multitude of  industrial sanding machines in the workshop that help create the uniform sanded finish on our aluminium panel range and the smooth finish on our birch plywood panels.

We weld all aluminium panels in our workshop. Welded aluminium provide warp free subframes. We can fabricate panels to any dimension.





Every welded aluminium subframe is carefully grinded to a square 90 degree angle. Creating the sharp and elegant edges that look so beautiful. 

Our workshop facility has a range of industrial saws that provide precision and accuracy needed for museum grade panels.





We have both manual hand clamps and a hydraulic cold press that offers consistent pressure during the gluing process. 

Priming Panels


We have a dedicated spray room for artists wanting to have their panels acrylic primed. *Please note that our gesso service is not sprayed, we use our own secret method of application to create our ultra smooth surfaces.



Every panel is carefully hand wrapped by our technicians. We take as much pride in the quality of our packaging as we do with our panels. So you can be assured that your panel will turn up in museum quality condition.

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