Wooden Birch Plywood Painting Panels

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We have a selection of depths and subframes

32mm Birch Sandwich Panel
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Birch Plein Air Panels
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24mm Oval Birch Plywood Panel
24mm Circle Birch Plywood Panel
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26mm Wooden Panel
32mm Wooden Panel
38mm Wooden Panel
44mm Wooden Panel
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26mm LW Birch Combi Panel
26mm Birch Combi Panel
32mm Birch Combi Panel
38mm Birch Combi Panel
44mm Birch Combi Panels
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26mm Birch Floating Panel
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*Two For Free

*For a limited time only whilst stocks last. Website orders only.

*Spend a minimum of £100.00 inc VAT and receive Two free 26mm Wooden Painting Panels measuring 20x30cm worth RRP £45.00 inc VAT.