Aug 25

The Problems with Packaging


Never leave painting panels wrapped in bubble wrap or foam for long periods of time. Both have a detrimental effect on painting panels causing the whole package to sweat without any air flow.


This can cause bubbles to appear under the surface of gesso primed painting panels on aluminium. This is the result of the moisture permeating the gesso surface and hitting the impermeable aluminium. The moisture will travel along the aluminium and collect creating small bubbles of moisture that will extrude through the gesso layer and pit the aluminium.


Both the gesso and aluminium panel will have to be sanded back to the original aluminium.


Gesso is a permeable surface until it has been sealed with paint.


We only recommend using bubble warp and foam to transport paintings from A to B and not as a long term packaging solution.

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    Aug 25

    We will now be applying 'WARNING' labels to the outside of all parcels being shipped via national courier. This is to ensure that all customers open and inspect all goods within 48 hours and check for any damages upon receiving the parcel from the delivery company. If parcel has signs of being mishandled or torn or ripped, please sign for as damaged.
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    Aug 25

    You can now purchase 9mm Plein Air Painting Panels.
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    Nov 10, 2018

    Our new 46mm Birch Plywood Panels. For sides with an deep impact.

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