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Bespoke Service

Shaped or Special Requirement Fabrication

We offer a fully Bespoke Service for your creative projects such as CNC shaped panels, large oversized panels or projects with specialist fabrication requirements. 

Contact Us to today to see how we could help realise your creative project.

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Gesso Service

Porcelain Smooth Finish 

Artist Surfaces provides a gesso primed surface that reflects the same commitment to excellence and craftsmanship that the artist exemplifies through their work.


Artist Surfaces gesso primes each panel up to 40 times with Golden Gesso and Golden Hard Sandable Gesso, before sanding the surface flat for an ultra smooth perfect finish.


Acrylic Gesso is suitable for Acrylic and Oil painting. The Gesso is brilliant white and non‐yellowing when dry.

Acrylic Gesso creates a perfect white ground with an inherent absorbency.




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Gac 100 Service

Protection from Support Induced Discolouration (SID)

Artist Surfaces provides a service to seal your wooden painting panels with GAC 100. This sealer creates a transparent smooth surface that you can paint direct onto with oils or acrylics. 

Sealing the wooden painting panels with GAC 100 protects acrylic paint films from Support Induced Discolouration. Whilst GAC 100 also stops  gesso from sinking back into the wood over time revealing the inherent pattern of the grain from appearing.



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Stretching Service

Linen or Canvas

Artist Surfaces offer a service to stretch either fine linen or canvas over your chosen surface suport.

For stretching over painting panels we always recommend gluing the material to the surface. This creates a permanent bond and means the panels with never have to be retensioned again. We like to think of them as problem free surfaces.



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Hanging Bars

Designed for Combi Panels and Aluminium Panels

Artist Surfaces offer both L Security Bars and Z Bars for both our Combi Painting Panels and Aluminium Painting Panels.

The L Security Bars offer extra security by latching over the lip onto screws. This means the panel cannot slip from the screws and must be lift over to remove from hanging.

The Z Bars are an aluminium version of the 'French Cleat' system. these can be made to be flush or added to the back of panels for a floating effect.

Our Wooden Painting Panels have an inbuilt scurity bar that is part of the aluminium extrusion on all hanging orienations.