We are delighted to announce the launch of our new AluStretcher Bars.


Stretchers are delivered disassembled with all required connecting conponents. 


We have been researching and developing our AluStretcher bars for a number of years in order to create a museum grade warp free stretcher bar.


We use the same aluminium extrusion found in our warp free museum grade Wooden Painting Panels. The aluminium extrusion creates a strong and warp free subframe with a security bar incoperated into the design as standard.


Precision machined Laminated redwood with a 45 degree angle is affixed to the aluminium extrusion. The redwood has a smooth radius on both the top and bottom stretching edge to minimise stress on material when stretched. The wood provides ample clearance of the subframe so that the the stretched painting surface does not come into conatct with the subframe.


Expandable metal corner connectors with cap head grub screws allow micro adjustments to expand the AluStretcher to provide tensioning for stretched material.


Flat interior connectors are also included with each AluStretcher to provide more stability to the frame. 

AluStretcher Length - 60cm